Wet Mix Plant

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Set


Royal Industries


Sub Base of Road


100,160,200,250 Tons/Hour

Automation Grade


Power (kW)



WMM-100, WMM-160, WMM-200, WMM-250



Royal Industries Soil stabilizing machinery as Wet Mix Macadam Plants is the Synonym for High quality Top notch performance, Lower operating costs, Superb Service back up… translating into productivity and return in turn High profits for the customer. Conforming to international standards the WMM range of Wet Mix Plants also conforms fully to the latest MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway) specification. The Royal Wet Mix Plants has a class engineered to last, Standard Make Bought outs, precision engineering, quality processes and procedures with Royal’s rich experience ensure the pride in owning.

‘ROYAL’ is a leading supplier of WET Mixing Macadam Plant and machinery, with the focus very firmly on road building. Ever since we established, we have been setting benchmarks in the road-building industry, thanks to countless innovations and solutions which are as competitive as they are dependable. True to our motto – “High Productivity, Performance & profitability” – we gear our activities totally to the needs and requirements of our clients across the globe.

We are aware that plants and machines which prove their merits day after day under tough operating conditions are the only way to give our clients the critical competitive edge that they need.

We are entering a new era of development, energy crisis & environmental concerns. Our customers & their challenges are the impetus to our product development accolades.

We therefore, are convinced that sharing knowledge & experience helps us attain more & more.

Our customers must generate profits amid this turbulent times and varying needs. So, we focus on–’sustainable and profitable development is highly manifested’- in our futuristic generation Wet Mix Macadam plants. Our each model inherits a tradition of over two decades of experience in working with clientele & evolving markets nation-wide. 

The ‘ROYAL’ WMM series offers customers the finest & proven technical solution, with international product support, latest generation process controls and automation together with total installation and site support, aimed to deliver precise mix – productively and profitably.

The Standard configuration of the plants comprise of the following units :

The WMM series plants are fully equipped to deliver precisely mixed cold mix, cement/lime treated aggregate base course mixes, emulsion treated mixes etc. Quality & specific steel construction along with high quality bought out components ensure maximum reliability and uptime. Finest industrial design, built in to the product aims at uniform mixing, accurate proportioning and blending of aggregates and additives without segregation.

Trouble Free design, built in to the product aims at uniform mixing, accurate proportioning and blending of aggregates and additives without segregation. The WMM plants are engineered to challenge the toughest of job site requirements and carry the hallmark of rugged structure and unrivalled quality built 

into the product.Wet Material Mixing Plant for granular base and sub base production provides higher productivity with close control on quality of mix and production costs.


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